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Ep. 16 | MicroPixil Podcast | UGC - User Generated Content

July 04, 2020 Patrick Rife Season 1 Episode 16
The Pixilated Podcast
Ep. 16 | MicroPixil Podcast | UGC - User Generated Content
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Welcome to the all-new Pixilated MicroPixil podcast, where we share a grab bag of quick industry insights, tips of the trade, and some of the jargon you'll hear being tossed around the events industry.

I’m Patrick Rife and today I'm going to explain what UGC actually means.

- Branded Photo
- Tweets and Social Media Posts
- Quotes
- Surveys

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Patrick Rife :

Ladies and gentlemen, Welcome to the new MicroPixil Podcast. This is your host Patrick Rife. With this podcast, we're going to bring you little nuggets of industry information. So whether it's the nomenclature that we use or, or what a specific acronym might stand for, or any kind of the events Industry Insight that that we refer to a lot, we thought that we would do a little micro show that helps to clarify it. So, kicking off our first episode, we're going to be focused on UGC. So UGC stands for user generated content, and basically what UGC is, is anytime that a brand is activating inside of a public space, and they're looking to engage with consumers, and there's any kind of artifact that is left from that engagement, that is typically UGC. So, right down the center of the lane UGC for Pixilated often is branded photos, so you're going to run a marathon at the end of the marathon, you go and you take a photo at the Under Armor booth because you wear Under Armour sneakers, and you get an awesome photo of you looking like a badass, and it also has the Under Armour logo that there in the bottom, you have just created a piece of UGC. Another good example of UGC that happens on a regular basis and doesn't necessarily need a live event to take place would be a tweet or any other kind of social media posts. So whether it's a contest that you're engaging with, and you're opting in to try and win some sneakers, or you're trying to win a trip to Bali, and after you enter the contest, it says tweet this out for a chance to win or for additional entries into the contest. Again, you have just participated in some UGC. So, the third thing that we will highlight what UGC actually means, is also its content from the from the consumers mind so, that can be represented in quotes about their experience working with the brand or with the product, but it could also be In the form of surveys, so if if you are attending a conference and you go into the Adobe booth and they're asking you what you think about the new Lightroom updates, and they're capturing all that information, they're going to compile it, put it into some kind of white paper or a case study to roll out to their audience again, you have just participated in some UGC. So, that's it. I'm your host, Patrick Rife. Thanks for joining us for the first episode of The MicroPixil Podcast. Before you leave, make sure you rate review and subscribe and make sure that we find more listeners for our podcast and that you are notified the next time we publish. Until next time, peace