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5 Budget Friendly Alternatives to a Wedding Photographer

July 28, 2020 Patrick Rife | Alex McGlynn Season 1 Episode 37
The Pixilated Podcast
5 Budget Friendly Alternatives to a Wedding Photographer
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Welcome to another episode of the Pixilated Podcast. I’m Patrick Rife and I’m Alex McGlynn and today we’re going to talk about some budget-friendly alternatives to the traditional wedding photographer.

1. Crowdsource photos (w/ PixiWeb :))
2. Hire a student photographer
3. Hire someone who is transitioning from a different photo career
4. Hire an amateur photographers
5. Give every table a few polaroid cameras
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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another episode of The Pixilated Podcast. I'm Patrick Rife.

I'm Alex McGlynn,

and today we're going to talk about five alternatives to sourcing photos for your wedding or event.

Yeah, so again, quick disclaimer, there is not a lot that can replace a professional wedding photographer. But professional wedding photographers are expensive. And if you're hosting an event or a wedding or whatever, on a budget, there are some great alternatives out there. And I know this is specifically for wedding photographers, but this can be true for any event, whether you're doing a gala, or a fundraiser or your wedding. So to kick it off, crowdsource the photos. So obviously, we have a tool called PixiWeb that allows people to take photos with their camera with their device at all loads to a shared event gallery, but you obviously can also just have people use hashtags or send them to a shared photo folder, there's a lot of other ways to do it that are potentially more cost effective. Although our product is super cheap. Check it out. So crowdsourcing these photos is a great way. I mean, everyone's gonna be taking pictures, everyone has really high quality cameras in their pockets. Now. I mean, the new cameras that come with iPhones and Android phones are unbelievable. So take advantage of that encourage people to take pictures, create some cool moments throughout the event where they can, you know, snap a picture, create your own backdrop, create your own mural, your own photo wall, there's a whole different whole bevy of things that you can do to encourage people to take their own photos, whether it be selfies or photos of other people. And I've seen people hand out selfie sticks at events, I think it's a brilliant idea. Again, easy way to get a bunch of pictures taken and then just give everyone one location to send the photos to usually people are very willing to share their photos they've taken. So you just have to give them an easy way to do it.

Yeah. Oh, So alternative number two would be to hire a student photographer. So there's probably high school with some art programs, and potentially they have photo programs in them. But there's definitely probably some colleges, maybe an art school in your city or in your town, that's a great place to start looking for photographers that are just learning the ins and the outs they're learning to, to make their way in the photography world, they're probably looking to build their portfolio and looking for some experience and your wedding or event could be a great way to do that. I would just say the maybe the bonus tip to supply them with is to ask them to overshoot so that way, you know that you're gonna have more than enough photos to pick from.

Yeah, absolutely. So in a similar vein of people trying to build up their own portfolios, looking to hire someone look into hiring someone that's transitioning from a different photo career. So like our own Nick kena hired a Words photographer to do his wedding because he was transitioning from being a sports photographer into a wedding photography business. He's transitioned successfully and it's a great business. But Nick got him soup on the on the cheap because he didn't have a winning portfolio and he was looking for clients in that field. There are a bunch of people transitioning from photojournalism or sports photography or what have you. And again, they are looking to build up a portfolio and a list of clients that they can reference. And they're usually willing to give you a discount because of that. And as a bonus, they already have all of the really nice photo equipment that a professional photographer would have.

Yep. So next tip is is amateur photographers. And a great way to think about this is there's a ton of people that love to take photos, but maybe they just don't think about their passion for taking photos within the lens. No pun intended, of being a professional photographer or photographer for hire. You know, maybe Not even because they don't want to do it, but just because they've got full time jobs, they just don't have the bandwidth to think about it. So that's a great way to go about it. And in terms of being able to find them, you know, go on instagram search the hashtag amateur photographer, search the hashtag amateur photographer within your, your state or your city or your geographic region. And not only is it going to populate amateur photographers, but it's going to show you a portfolio some of their work some of their point of view. So you can go through, browse some things, find ones that resonate with you, and then dm them and ask them what they might be interested in making a you know, a few hundred bucks.

Yeah, absolutely. And then last, but certainly not least, I've been to a couple of events where they've done this and I always think it's a really cool idea is to leave Polaroid cameras on every table or in corners or whatever. People love Polaroid film, photography, photos, whatever cameras. They love it. I don't. I think it's so harking back to, you know, days when there was a simpler time. But every time I've been to an event, they always run out of film. So there is a boatload of pictures for them to sort through and choose from. And it's a really cool way to add something unique to your event. Add the likes piece of engagement to your event, which we love here at Pixilated. And again, it gives you a whole boatload of photos to sort through and use for either memory books, future marketing campaigns, whatever best suits your event type. And again, as just add this one more time, you can't really replace a professional photographer in your field, but there are definitely some budget friendly things you can do to offset the amount of money you'll have to spend. And some of these can be used alongside professional photographers. So you can have Polaroid cameras everywhere and also still have professional photographer at your event. You can ask people to crowdsource photos and still have professional photographer, so encourage people to do things like this because people like to participate, and it gives you a bunch of UGC and engagement For your event,

what is your wedding? Is UGC? A thing there. Thank you. Yeah, I think it's regenerated content wedding user. Whoops.

I think you made the argument. UGC is still great for weddings. I mean, yeah, you're not gonna use it for marketing, but having an online photo gallery of all the hilarious photos that were taken at your event by your potential inebriated friends, who wouldn't want to look through that you use for blackmail,

or advertising.

blackmail at Pixilated, are not encouraging that

if you would like to check out PixiWeb and see if it might be right for your event, I would encourage you to head to Up at the top in the menu, you're going to see a button to click for a PixiWeb demo. Give it a click Check it out, get Pixilated. It'll quickly let you know if it's a good fit for you or possibly not. That brings us to the end of today's episode before you go. Please remember to rate review and subscribe your reviews help us find a larger base of listeners for our podcast and also ensure that you get notified each time we publish a new episode. So, without further ado, I'm Patrick Rife

and I'm Alex McGlynn


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